Hdmi video capture mac mini

It ain't cheap. The Elgato device is your cheapest bet.

Beware: 2018 Mac Mini HDMI @ 4K, 60Hz is 4:2:2

Blackmagic, Matrox, etc. Speaking of the Mac Mini, why hasn't anyone made something like this yet?

The Mac Mini with T-bolt makes a decent all-in-one capture box. The only thing it possibly lacks is If you're using that, you don't need a Mac Mini. Plus the cost of a computer, capture card, etc. I don't think it's actually shipping yet, plus add in the cost for a cable, assuming that doesn't come with one.

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Another option, if kind of roundabout and poor quality, would be to use Screen Sharing or something over the LAN and record the screen. Not really sure how to handle sound other than some ghetto workarounds with various cables, or just some other remote screen app that has sound. Well, depends how you view it.

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Elgato products are nice, but their non-OSX driver support is really poor. You'll have to buy a different tuner: this increases TCO. And there we go. The only problem is that it might be a bitch to add storage space, so you might have to go with the server. Unless you can daisy-chain hard drives off of the Blackmagic box. They both should work. I've personally used both with an older but 15" MacBook Pro Retina.

In fact I've used them both at the same time. Do update to Wirecast 7. That's great info, thank you.

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And I assume that, if I went with the UltraStudio MiniRecorder, I would just plug it in and, after installing the driver, Wirecast would recognize it as a capture device, the same as any other? Good afternoon.

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After installing the Blackmagic drivers, Wirecast correctly identifies the capture device, but when I try to add a shot from that device, I just get black. I tried going into the shot editor to see if I could fix the issue by altering source settings, but it doesn't appear that any of the settings can be changed. Make sure you quit Wirecast first as video can only be in one program at a time.

Wirecast will automatically detect the settings from the Blackmagic Driver. If you don't see video in Media Express it may mean you have to change settings in the driver or the camera.

Hdmi video capture for mac

I'm sorry - I thought for sure I'd updated this thread saying that I'd fixed that problem. It doesn't even have to be HDMI, necessarily: I'm just looking for a way to do a two-camera shoot with Wirecast that's offsite a. You're welcome of course.

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  6. You can use a second MiniRecorder. I have a follow-up question. I'm wondering if it's possible to connect a second camera to the laptop via component video. The H.

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